The Impact Of Covid On Young People’s Mental Health

The covid pandemic has obviously caused plenty of issues all over the world. While most countries have many physical, mental, and social plans for any kind of potential pandemic or epidemic, nothing can really prepare you for the actual experience.

The mind of a young person is complex, as we all know, and this past year has had quite an impact on this aspect of their being. It’s a confusing time for all, but here we’ll discuss a few ways in which the thoughts of the youth have been affected especially.

The Uncertainty Is Taking Its Toll On Many

We’re entering newer stages each month, but it’s still fairly unprecedented for many people out there – even more so for those of the younger kind. A lot of worries that the brain has to deal with often have a lot to do with not knowing about the future. The perilous position children and teenagers are being put in has certainly caused negative effects on their collective mental space.

Exercising And Physical Activity Is Limited

Due to social distancing and self-isolation, there has been a dearth of collective exercise. Staying indoors has left kids more lethargic and lacking in motivation to keep themselves moving as they once did. It has been proven that physical activity leads to a healthier mind and covid has put a temporary stop to this – causing plenty of psychological havoc along the way.

Schooling Is Being Affected Significantly

Due to school closures, students have been away from their typical routine. While around 70% of kids in a survey conducted by Young Minds said that their mental state was better while away from their school, 40% said that there was no school counselling available to support them. A quarter of them said that there were fewer mental health representatives available than before the pandemic. School has always been there for them, and now they have been essentially left in limbo.

Isolation Is Proving To Be A Testing Time

Lockdown may have suited some introvert – plenty of people will attest to that. It has taken a negative toll on a lot more young people, however. Issues with the likes of anxiety and self-harm were already significant and were rising before lockdown became a mandatory thing. One in eight children and younger people were estimated to have dealt with mental health conditions up until the virus’ spreading. Plenty of research has suggested that loneliness and social isolation have contributed further to the concerning growth of mental health issues in young people.

Many Young People Are Watching Loved Ones Suffer

At the very heart of the pandemic, lives are being lost. That’s the crushing truth of it all. While it’s a small portion of the population in the grand scheme – and an even smaller number among young people – that doesn’t take away the serious ramifications of what is going on. Close ones are losing their lives and the youth of today are having to process it as they continue fighting through all of the impediments they’re already facing during this time.