What We Do

A tailored approach, helping all young people to be bold.

At Bold Leap, our services are built around the individual needs of each young person, giving them the best chance of achieving full independence.

Beyond housing, our integration of therapy and accessible one-to-one support ensures the wellbeing of young people is always prioritised. We strive to teach essential life skills, provide access to education, build self-esteem, and grow social connections-all contributing to the development of a fulfilling, happy life.

At Bold Leap, we want all support-leavers to feel recognised, understood, and supported on their journey to adulthood. Our support is personalised and holistic, helping young people to pursue their dreams and unlock their potential despite the challenges they have faced.
Bold Leap helps young people to find accommodation that suits their social, personal and cultural preferences and requirements. Our range of London properties are all fully furnished and comply with safety standards and regular inspections. We offer both standalone and staff shared, semi-independent accommodation for support leavers.
Money management skills such as budgeting are an important part of adult life. At Bold Leap, we know the importance of financial literacy and therefore ensure that young people have access to practical, helpful and long-term advice and professional finance support.
Young adulthood is often difficult to navigate. Learning to live alone, budgeting, food shopping, seeking support and locating neighbourhood amenities are all made easier with guidance and advice. Bold Leap is a reliable and trustworthy resource for young people to benefit from. This ensures a seamless and confident transition from semi-independent to independent living.
Bold Leap promotes health and wellbeing to all young people. Their extensive mental and physical health resources are supported by referral to local healthcare professionals where applicable. Our team also ensure young people have essentials set-up such as a health passport. The healthy foundations taught by Bold Leap extend throughout the person’s life.

At Bold Leap, we understand the benefits and importance of education. We help young people to identify and pursue their interests. Beyond this, we offer job training and support to improve the individual’s employability. See our recruitment page.

Comprehensive support during a critical and challenging transition.

Young people in care often experience multiple placement changes throughout their childhood and teenage years. This instability can present several challenges, including making any form of relocation a highly stressful and triggering event.
Moving out independently for the first time is a daunting task. Locating housing, securing employment, seeking support and learning your place in the world can seem unfamiliar, challenging or confusing. This is why Bold Leap exists.
Bold Leap is dedicated to providing quality semi-independent accommodation and support to young people leaving care. Unlike other companies who only assign young people to houses, we help young people to find a home and access the support and connections they need to realise their potential.

After working with Bold Leap, we want young people
to have the confidence to achieve. To be equipped
with the skills and resources they need to be bold
on the path they choose.

After working with Bold Leap, we want young people to have the confidence to achieve. To be equipped with the skills and resources they need to be bold on the path they choose.