Bold Leap

Empowering futures, one bold leap at a time.

Helping Young People to Make the Bold Leap to Independence

At Bold Leap, we’re dedicated to assisting children and young people to take bold steps towards independence. This bold leap from care to adulthood can be challenging, especially for care leavers without the support and guidance of a family. Here, Bold Leap steps in, providing crucial support throughout the entire journey.

With 14 years of experience, a passionate team, and a track record of supporting children and young adults, Bold Leap is more than a support system— it’s the first step towards a fulfilling and joyful life.


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How We Help Young People to Thrive

Supported Accommodation

Our fully furnished supported accommodation properties in the West Midlands offer more than just shelter. We’re redefining supported accommodation by assisting with essential independent life skills and more. With a focus on holistic development, our supported accommodation fosters growth, resilience, and a sense of belonging.

Children’s Residential

With Bold Leap’s founder, Peter Buturo, at the helm, our children’s residential homes offer a depth of knowledge and care like no other. In addition to meeting children’s basic needs, we lean on our experience and go above and beyond by providing therapeutic intervention, access to education, health and wellbeing services, and more.

Meet Peter Buturo

With his years of extensive and direct experience with children in care, Peter Buturo’s passionate nature speaks for itself. His adolescence was similar to that of many children in care, and his inherent caring and helpful personality beckoned him to begin his career as a social worker. After practising as a social worker for 11 years, he recognises the importance of putting care over profit and has built Bold Leap on this foundation.

What People Say About Bold Leap

Why Bold Leap?


Founder Peter Buturo brings extensive experience in the care sector with his background as a residential support worker, social worker, and foster carer.


Bold Leap prioritises care over profit, and we distinguish ourselves by focusing on the well-being and outcomes of the children and young people in our care.


Our passion for what we do has helped us form close bonds with local authorities and has seen us finalist at the National Young People and Children in Care Awards in 2022.

News And Resources

Homes Across the West Midlands and London

West Midlands

Chuckery House in Walsall Council to be opened in 2024 as a 4 bed EBD childrens home.


Norwood House in South London to be opened in 2024 as a 2 bed EBD childrens home.

Homes Across
West Midlands

Chuckery House

Chuckery House in Walsall to be opened in 2024 as a 4 bed EBD children's home.

Palfrey House

Palfrey House in Walsall to be opened in 2025 as a 2 bed EBD children's home.

Unlock a Bold Future With Bold Leap

At Bold Leap, we go beyond providing shelter by providing comprehensive support to young people, addressing various aspects of their lives that intersect to create the people they are. If you know a young person seeking unparalleled support on the path to independence, the beginning of that journey is just one bold leap away. Again, I think we need to include the childrens home in this section as we will be offering care.