Life Skills

Life skills are something that many of us take for granted;

At Bold Leap we work with young people to understand what support they need to be able to live independently, including developing life skills such as food shopping, budgeting, enrolling in education, accessing healthcare, and completing daily tasks are all aspects of adult independence that can be challenging for young people.

We also equip young people on how to maintain a tenancy where relevant. We work with the accommodating authority, the local authority where the accommodation is located (where different from the accommodating authority), as well as social worker and/or personal adviser where necessary to ensure the young person can access all support that is available to them and, where relevant, signpost the young person to their accommodating authority’s published care leaver ‘local offer’.

Enriching Young Lives While Encouraging Independence

At Bold Leap, we nurture and encourage independence. Part of this involves introducing young people to a range of facilities and amenities in their local neighbourhood and local community. Not only does this promote social interaction and community involvement, but it also prompts young people to explore their interests and make valuable personal and professional connections.

At Bold Leap, we strive to teach valuable life skills to the young people we work with. As such as, Bold Leap utilises an Independent Living Toolkit to evidence the progress undertaken by the young person as they develop essential life skills.