How We Work

Collaborative and Comprehensive Support for Young People

At Bold Leap, our unique process ensures that every young person feels supported on their first step to independence. Working closely with local authorities, we strive to help support-leavers transition seamlessly to adult life. We offer tailored support for every individual and welcome referrals from all 32 London boroughs.


First, we work closely with local authorities including commissioners, social work teams or placement officers to discuss the unique needs of a young person leaving care.

Plan of Action

Next, we map out a tailored plan of action, outlining how to best support the young person. We consult social workers, the detailed referral, and most importantly, the young person.


After the preparation stage, the young person’s personalised plan can be actioned. We provide extensive support services to encourage wellbeing and independence.

Check in

Our team provide weekly and monthly feedback to the respective social worker. Our dedicated level of care allows us to assess progress from a professional perspective as well as monitoring the young person’s thoughts and feelings.

Success and independence

Our services adapt as a young person’s needs evolve. Bold Leap regularly updates and revises personal plans to ensure the most appropriate care is available for that individual. Our process strives to nurture young adults who are ready to take a Bold Leap into their next stage of life.

We are always looking for passionate staff to join our team.

Ready to work with Bold Leap?

Are you a local authority worker looking for a semi-independent living company with a tailored approach? Do you work with young people who would benefit from quality support when they leave support at 18?

We are committed to delivering tailored support to young support-leavers, helping them to lead a fulfilling and happy life. Bold Leap’s services areavailable to young people acrossall 32 London boroughs.

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