About Peter

Experienced Social Worker, Foster Carer & Bold Leap Founder

Peter Nduwayesu Buturo is the dynamic, passionate and experienced founder of Bold Leap.

His mission is to inspire a generation of young people to reach their potential and become the best version of themselves.

At the age of 16, Peter suffered the loss of his mother, uncle and grandparents. This devastation, along with involvement in street gangs, led him to reach crisis point. He saw no way out. Teachers didn’t believe in Peter’s potential, but he exceeded their expectations.

He graduated from Birmingham City University in 2011 as a qualified social worker and 9 years on, he is highly sought-after for his ability to engage and motivate people. Peter has overcome great adversity, and his empathy, compassion and personal journey are inspiring to the young people he works with.

Peter’s social work career has provided him with extensive industry experience and an intricate understanding of the support system. He has diverse experience as a social worker and residential support worker and has worked with several teams including Looked After Children, Leaving Care, Youth Offending, Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Child (UASC), Safeguarding, Adoption and Care Proceedings.

As a social worker, Peter has placed young people in care into semi-independent homes. Unfortunately, he noticed that some of the companies did not provide a holistic, supportive, consistent setting for young people and is committed to making this possible. Further, Peter understands and applies good practice, service standards and expectations in his work.

Peter is what sets Bold Leap apart from other semi-independent living companies. His journey, professional experience and understanding of what young people need to develop, grow and succeed allows Bold Leap to provide comprehensive services to young people.

Beyond housing, Peter has ensured Bold Leap will offer support and advice related to health, finances, education, training, and life skills. A young person working with Bold Leap is supported in all facets of their life and is therefore in an environment where he or she can dream, succeed and be bold.

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