At Bold Leap, we know that education is the key to the future for young people.

We make it our priority for all of the young people in our support to be engaged with an education or training program.

Beyond training, we help young people to use their qualifications to find a job. From writing a CV to selecting a suit for an interview, we help young adults to confidently pursue employment opportunities in a field they are passionate about.

Encouraging Education for all Young People

Bold Leap is committed to helping young people access an education program they are passionate about. This includes identifying the individual’s interests and selecting a program and provider that suits their location and preferences.
Once the young person enrols in the course, we provide continued guidance and support to ensure a positive experience. This includes tutoring, home-learning schemes, providing access to educational supplies, and assistance with time management.

Support to Increase Employability and Launch a Fulfilling Career

Education and training are a pathway to stable employment. We help young people to improve their employability with confidence building, CV writing guidance, and interview workshops. Our support extends to arranging initial meetings and interviews to supplying the perfect suit for an interview.

At Bold Leap, we encourage and support young people to engage with education and assist them to improve their employability in the workforce.

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Other Services

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Access mental and physical health support including advice and referrals.