At Bold Leap, we recognise the importance of good mental and physical health in living a happy, fulfilled life.

This is why we ensure young people have access to healthcare services that support their individual needs.

Our experienced team includes qualified and specialised mental health workers, able to assist vulnerable youth with therapy and guidance. In addition, we ensure all young people know how to readily access healthcare and have established a health passport.

A Personalised and Holistic Approach to Health Support

We offer both one-to-one counselling and group therapy tailored to each young person’s needs. The integration of therapy significantly improves mental well-being and the possibilities of meaningful, positive life change.
Our arts-based therapies, including dance movement psychotherapy and drama therapy have been proven to bring significant improvements in self-esteem, communication skills, and social interaction.

At Bold Leap, we strive to provide accessible healthcare services to the young people we work with

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Other Services

Identify your interests and access education opportunities and job training.
Find a place to call home in one of Bold Leap’s furnished London properties.
Learn the skills to confidently manage money now, and in the future
Learn the skills to confidently manage money now, and in the future