Financial Skills

Developing financial management skills is an important part of adulthood.

To become financially capable, young people must gain knowledge and experience as well as having a good attitude towards money.

How We Help Young People to Become Financially Savvy

Preparing young people to cope with financial decisions is a skill that will benefit them into young adulthood and beyond. Nowadays, young people must handle financial pressures that were never faced by past generations. Societal pressure to spend money on the latest technology, fashion, and events is propelled by social media and the need for online validation. This is a problem trickling down to acutely young people, influencing poor spending habits from a young age. Many young people feel compelled to access secured cash when it becomes available at the age of 18. We recognise the importance of financial literacy and provide young people with essential money management skills such as budgeting and saving. Our commitment extends to offering practical and helpful advice to ensure every young person’s preparedness for adult life.